The Beauty of Algorta’s Old Fishing Port

The Old Port of Algorta, or Puerto Viejo in Spanish and Portu Zaharra in Basque, radiates a beauty all its own any time of the year, but there is something even more special on a sunny autumn day. Is it the stark contrast between the gray October skies of the Basque coast that makes it easier to appreciate its beauty even more? Is it the comforting warmth of the sun on a crisp autumn morning? Or is it a yearning for more hopeful days as this atypical and somber year draws closer to an end?

Yesterday the visited the Puerto Viejo and we were fortunate to enjoy one of these sunny October days after a solid week of stormy, rainy weather. *

Entering the Old Fishing Port is like taking a step into the past. It’s easy to imagine fishermen making their way down these steep, cobblestone alleys to their boats in the harbor below and the sardineras (women who carried sardines) coming back up with their loads carefully balanced on top of their heads.

* Speaking of rain, make sure to read to the end for answers to the bonus questions from these posts, Here Comes the Rain Again and Helping with the Harvest.

The bright colors of red, white, and green feature as prominently on the houses of the Old Port as they do on the Basque flag, the ikurriña.

From their formidable facades the houses of the Old Port tell a unique story with their names and dates of construction proudly displayed.

The eguzkilore (from the Basque words for sun – eguzki and flower – lore) is an ancient sun symbol from Basque mythology. It retains a powerful symbolism hanging upon or near many doorways of the Old Port to stave off evil spirits and protect the home. An eguzkilore is made from a dried and preserved thistle, Carlina acaulis.

Making our way down towards the water, we were rewarded with gorgeous views of the wide bay, locally called El Abra (the opening), the beaches, and towns that line the banks of the river Nervión, commonly called La Ria.

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Now let’s answer the questions from “Here Comes the Rain Again” and Helping With the Harvest! Do you remember them?

What is the difference between the words rain, rainfall, and the rains?

To keep things simple:
Rain is the water that falls from the sky.
Rainfall is the amount of rain that falls in a specific time.
The rains is the season when there is a large amount of rainfall, especially in the tropics.

There is some flexibility in how these are used but in general these definitions fit well with how they are commonly used.

The next question was, how do you pronounce The Eurythmics in English?
It sounds like jʊˈrɪð mɪks or you rith micks, listen here

The last question is from Helping With the Harvest! How many syllables does “vegetables” have? If you said three then you are correct! It sounds like vedʒ tə bəls or vetch ta buls. It has a silent syllable. For a great video about silent syllables, watch here.

Test your English. What do these words from the post above mean?

stark, crisp, somber, yearning, steep, cobblestone, alley, facade, stave off, gorgeous

Bonus question: Is there a difference between “any time” and “anytime”?
Second bonus question! Is it “gray” or “grey” for the spelling of this color?

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