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Do You Know Your Leaves?

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year, with the brilliant colors of changing leaves and special quality of light. In fact, if you’ve ever thought to yourself that autumn sunlight seems different, softer and more diffused, it’s not just your imagination. We really do perceive sunlight differently during this time of the yearContinue reading “Do You Know Your Leaves?”

Our new logo! has a brand new logo! Working with a professional designer we wanted to come up with something that incorporated the ideas of the project but still keep continuity with the first logo used. Click here to see the other two contenders if you missed them. We’re delighted with the result! What do you think?

The Weather With You

Do you know the phrase “you always take the weather with you”? It’s from a 1992 song by the Aussie/Kiwi band Crowded House called “Weather with You” that you can listen to below. Here’s what Neil Finn, the songwriter, said about it. “Ultimately, the theme of the song is of course, that you are creatingContinue reading “The Weather With You”

Rain or Shine

Have you heard the expression “rain or shine”? You can use it to mean something will happen no matter what the weather is like. This Sunday is a great example! We’re going out for our talkwalk to La Galea, rain or shine (whether it’s raining or sunny) so make sure to bring an umbrella orContinue reading “Rain or Shine”


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